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Dogs need good food to keep them healthy and happy.

Let your furry friend try three delicious, healthy recipes - each packed with lots of fresh meat - by ordering your free trial box today.
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When it comes to over-processed pet food, we say enough is enough. Stay fresh, stay healthy.

Irresistibly meaty

Dogs LOVE fresh meat (much more than ground up bones and tendons)

All the essentials

Our food naturally contains all the necessary nutrients your dog needs to thrive

Easy to digest

Fresh meat is much better for a dog’s tummy than processed meat.

E&C only want the very best for dogs and so do we!

Good health is maintained by good quality food. This we found in Edgard & Cooper. Not only is their food amazing, they have a great scala and special flavors. Our dogs LOVE their kibble.

Fit even the fussiest poodles taste buds

Fantastic products to fit even the fussiest poodles taste buds! Keep their fur in great condition too. I’ve also been offered some useful advice via their site so it seems they go extra length to really care for your pets. Highly recommendable brand in every sense. Susanna

Excellent product and service.

Always simple and efficient to order from Edgard & Cooper. The right price for the product and a very quick delivery. My dogs love the high quality content and never say no! Excellent all round. Merci, John W.

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About Edgard & Cooper

Lots of fresh meat

Natural, tasty and ethical food that’s packed with fresh meat, healthy fruit and veg. It’s that simple.

Make pals not plastic

From using biodegradable bags to keeping our environmental pawprint as small as possible, we believe in doing right by nature.

Friends stick together

We love dogs and wan them to have happy, healthy lives. We give 10% of our profits to support charities that help reach the dogs we can't.

Looking for cats?

Of course, we also want cats to look and feel their best! Use the code TRYCAT to get a 15% discount on our entire range of cat food.
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